Worthing Fencer Friends

One sunny day we set off for a drive to Worthing to meet with some old friends who had taken up Western riding. Quite an adventure because this style of riding is quite different to the pretty straight-laced and formal English style. We first came across Western riding when we were in California and enjoyed the laid-back approach and easy-going horses. So a beautiful spring day saw us head off to our friends’ “ranch” in West Sussex.

These guys own www.fencingworthing.com and have managed to specialise in farm and paddock fencing, even though there aren’t that many ranches in the Worthing area! But there are quite a few farms on the downs and further afield, so they’ve built a great business.

We met our friends at a local pub, probably so they could show off the beautiful garden fences they had constructed around the pub garden. Then we set off to meet the horses.

What a lovely herd they have. They have built up a small stud of mainly quarter horses and paints, all trained western so we were able to take a trail ride on the downs. It was brilliant. So relaxing and the horses were great. I must say they did a great job of training these horses since they’re really Worthing fencers and not Texas ranchers!

We spent nearly two hours on our ride, then returned to their farm for half an hour in the arena. Not quite as big as those you might find in the wild west, but still bigger than the arenas used by dressage riders and the like.

It was a wonderful day and we can’t wait to go back to see those beautiful horses and have another lesson with our friends the fencers